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  1. sorry i haven't messaged you since til now so hey wats up
  2. hey it has been awhile now how have you been? have a good summer? so far anyway
  3. yeah i'll be back, but i won't be on much until i get a computer class in school.
  4. awww that does suck im sorry so this is goodbye then? you will come back eventually wont you? i hope you do sooner or later. you take care and have a fun summer k. eat and sleep well.
  5. i have to use school computers so when ever my class is im on, but normally im on at 12 to 1:30 but since school is pretty much over (to day is my last day) the schedule has been messed up.
  6. yah there are some really good poems here i enjoy them as well i am more into the romance poems tho i enjoy them alot more. ok you must be on only at a certain time huh cause it says your on on my time at like 9am and im up at that time then your never on the rest of the day. huh...oh well i atleast get to hear from you once a day that is allways good to me i think x]
  7. same here, i love getting to know ppl but the great poems are plus too.
  8. oh really well that is nice tho i have been to your page and i thought about adding you but like idk i didnt want to seem creepy just randomly sending a friend request to somone i dont know....yet x] I am pretty curious why being a guy caught your attention if i may ask why that makes a difference? lol jk jk its cool anyway. You get on this alot? I havent really done nothing here i just get on to make friends and talk to ppl what about you?
  9. i didn't have much of a reason, just because you sound like someone worth talking to in your bio and you were a guy.
  10. Thats ok lol. i dont mind i respect that alot so hey anyway new buddy what made you decide to as my friend?
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