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  1. O ok... I moved so I dont have internet in my apartment for my computer, but there a business center at the apartments... but I only go there at diffenert time in the week. how finding stuff on google going?
  2. oh hey bro i havent seen you on yahoo at all so we havent talked what have u been up to? well im ok i have been having some problems but not much that i cant handle. i found it on google.
  3. how ya doing man?................................nice pic of rock lee, where you find it at?
  4. i have aol as well but my name is long so um its:[email protected] thats my acc name so add me and get on it now man
  5. naw i got an aol im tho. would that do? n if that wont I got a facebook man.
  6. hey bro do you have yahoo or msn? i need it so we can talk a little seriously cause this is to slow
  7. cool beans.... i been feeling hinata from the very first time i got to see her fight neji... i got to get more into her when i played the games for the ps2. also, i love manga it gravy. but yea i can c y many ppl dont get into them or like them very much tho.
  8. nice bro i like it. but i am feeling hinata alot now. i have been watching naruto for 2 years in english waiting for that exact moment to happen and i end up see it in a mange im not to interested in a manga but because of my special person i am reading them
  9. yeah I read yours... I can feel u on wat you wrote. yep i would have gone give pain about 5 new holes to eye out of. a place called stone crest village is where i moving n its time to get out of my mom & stepdad house.
  10. bro you looking at that thread huh yah i found out and i am proud of hinata did you read mine i was like the third one or so
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