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  1. Just trying to get my self ready for tomarrow and give this girl I really like her Valantines gift, I know its a day late but I can only see her on Sundays because her parents wont let her go oit with any one till she is done with her school.
  2. well ill still check it out anyway so whats up with you now?
  3. No not really, it does not have much of any romance.
  4. well atleast tell me if the genre has some romance in it? ill still watch it but does it have romance? at all?
  5. It's really funny, by far one of the funniest animes I have ever seen. Go look it up on the web for info as I am not going to spoil it.
  6. ive never seen those who hunt elves whats that about?
  7. yah? cool you seen my favorites right? they are in the about me part of the section. they are my favorites. what kind of genre do you like?
  8. My favorit anime would have to be Outlaw Star and Those Who Hunt Elves.
  9. well i understand now so i plan not to do that again for awhile. so what kind of anime do you like bro? i just finished watching toradora! episode 19 it came out today.
  10. It's no big deal really, that tends to happen rather often.
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