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  1. ok i understand that now forgive me.... i was arrogant and foolish c ause i didnt read the rules i understand now tho but its a little to late tho
  2. Well Len basicly told you. The rules that he put on there is that you are not authorised to put up that kind of post "Who do you like better?" and threads of that sort till your member rank is higher.
  3. ok well do you see mine i had say: What is you favorite character on any anime? is that wrong?
  4. A good way to add on to that would be to name yours and the reason why that is. Then the mods can't snap at you.
  5. yah he is a cool brother. but yah thankyou for the help but now i need to learn about posts cuase i guess i posted a tread for others to answer and i was told to be specific. I said who is your favorite character in anime? What can i do to change it to make it better and more efficient what do you think?
  6. Oh I know awesome, not personely but he his one of my best friends here. As to how to have a pic I guess you are talking about an avitar. You have to go into your User CP and select Avitar in the list that appear on the left hand side. There it will give you a list of pics to chouse from. You can only use those given to you untill you reach a certain number of posts before you can use your own.
  7. ok bro its cool but i think i sent a message to the wrong guy.... i thought i was hated cause of wahat i said to awsomeparty. i didnt mean it he is my little brother so i was messing with him. he do you know how to put a pic up? i want a pic to represent me
  8. I some times just poke around through peoples profiles out of boredom. But sure, we can be friends.
  9. hey i seen you looked at my profile was there somthing about me you didnt like? i looked at yours you and me have some similar interest. I wouldnt mind being friends you seem like a cool guy. And i am in search of that Certain woman as well.
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