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  1. 9 pallets in 6 (juice). And yes just a few days ago.
  2. How was work today? Have you posted anything on Mech Warrior?
  3. sorry. internet died yesterday. they had to come and change the outside phone line. i've been in the baking aisle so {cries}
  4. Yeah, love him. Carollyn and crew are in a maitance tunnel Tight fit for the bear. How has work been going?
  5. cool! didya see Bjorn in chars????????????????????????????????????????????? ???
  6. yeah, I chatted with him for a few minutes on yahoo mail chat. I'm posting for mech.
  7. wherever you want to. yin was on a half hour ago and was asking about you.
  8. Hey where do I jump in right now? I'm at the library at the apartments so I can post some.
  9. I'll post the Beholder after someone else posts on Underworld. I was the last one to post.
  10. catching up on sleep. and go for it................................................ ...
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