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  1. it shurd be on there
  2. are you serious?! of course!! It's global. Why do you ask?
  3. do u have youtub there
  4. I havn't watched it before. I had heard a lot about it and thought I'd check it out but Can't seem to find it anywhere in the UK!
    To each their own though eh? Was just an example but ya know what I mean. Not many decent places to buy anime here though
  5. yu yu hakushow is so anoing i like it wen i wus like 7 and that is it
  6. Coooool. You in the US? I find it really annoying trying to find some series only released in US! I envy you! lol. Examples are Xenosaga, Yu Yu Hakusho...
  7. it is all good and if it is anime i like it all even romantic stuf
  8. Hey bud, thanks for adding me. Hows things? What sorta stuff you interested in?
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