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  1. hajhajhajhja lambe that was funny.... hey you didn't take any of them.....

    awwww I didn't get to talk to you.... well see you next time chick from PR!....
    cuando quieras!
  2. Thanks sweetheart, you are incredible, I didn't have any of these pics.... you are uniqueeee!!!!! que lambeojo, verdad???!!! Nada papi, muchas gracias, te lo agradezco mucho.
    The chick from PR
  3. ok am uploading them now....

    is alright, anything to help adios, y no trabajes mucho, recuerda que la vida es una sola!
  4. Thanks for the pics, love them....take care babe...
  5. me am Dominican!.... yes you know am
    no se lo digas a nadie ok!
    i did upload some pics that you can use as an avatar, now am gonna look for biggest one to uploaded them!
  6. me am 27, am not a dj!
    but shhhhhh people here thinks am 23 or
    me i like old anime, like end 80's era and mid 90's, my favorite is evangelion, and the first one that i saw was blue seed!
  7. ok so you have to make another album for the anime pics, I will upload them, and when I have them on my albums you just have to take the URL of the pics , and move them to yours.... wow that was a full
  8. I do have anime pics, I can upload some if you want, err what kind of anime do you want?
    and yes ma here!
  9. rade are you there?????? sorry If I'm answering late it is cause I'm in my job....kind of difficult.... sorry babe
  10. why would I be scare... you a person too!
    me I have some pics of myself here!
    so la chica de Puerto Rico, are you there or here in USA?
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