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  1. Oh that sucks..... I only like have $30 to my name watch it all be gone XD I try to save my money but never works out so good.
  2. i don'tgo out much so they don't.yeah i'm broke so i can't go
  3. Why can't you go and see it? I am sure guys check you out you just don't notice lol. You should never give up on love...
  4. yeah they have but this time it passionate.oh year i can't wait but i can't go see it.i'm single so i want be taking anyguy with me to the movies.well guys don't even look at me so i just gace up on love.
  5. Oh yeah it comes out this Friday I saw it on the tv. I am going to try to talk my bf into taking me to go see it in theaters I know he like Harry Potter also so he should want to see it. aww I wanna see them kiss well I already have but still its cute lol.
  6. theaters i get updates alot and its seems to have great reviews.a lot of a action in the part 2 and ginny and harry kiss in part one.
  7. Oh is it coming out in theaters or on dvd? I Want to see it to I saw like clips of it and it looks really good.
  8. its comming out on the 19 and part in july.yeah i want to see it bad which is cool.
  9. Yeah, I think there is a new Harry Potter movie out. It's on dvd or in theaters.
  10. yeah i can't wait for the harry potter anime.its like two of my fave things in one
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