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  1. okay thanks............................................ ..................
  2. yeah you should becuase your messing out on a lot of the world news and more.
  3. okay i will watch tv cool i will be 19 in 3 months i dont read that much either i play video games more
  4. i watch a lot of tv but not that much latly mostly watch anime online latly and on ep 20 and 4 to go.well you should watch tv its more fun then doing nothing when your bored,besides reading a good book or garphic family is getting ready for my 18 brithday party
  5. i live in Ohio thanks and no your not being mean i don't watch that much tv
  6. not to be mean or anything but don't watch block buster movies like harry potter is the biggest movie since for ever and longest raning seirs since a web site for harry must not be a movie i'm from ohio.well you not much older then but seem i know about movies.
  7. no i don't know what Harry potter is sorry what is it about what do you mean by when you said that your on snitch seeker
  8. you know what harry potter is like everyone knows the movies and they don't care for them i'm like a huge harry potter fan if i'm rpg anime i'm on snitch seeker
  9. thanks... sorry never herd of it... what is it????
  10. sure your always wlecome to talk to me you like the new harry potter anime thats comming out.
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