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  1. Where have you been? Man... AO is lost when you take a hiatus...
  2. I totaly understand... POTM has become a rather important aspect of my internet life. Helps to unclog creatives pipes. To share. To be inspired or to inspire others. (with this AO community which has grown to be like a family that is only partially aware of my exsistance.) Before you let it die, know that I'd be willing to do anything in my power to assist you in keeping it alive. Including brainstorming ways to keep it fresh and interesting. But I do know, some things are best if they're arent left to lag on. Perhaps we should just kill it off old yeller style.
  3. Yeah, I know. Unfortunately I've had a lot going on in the past few months and POTM is the last thing on my mind. I'll try to get January's winner up by Friday, but after that POTM may be on hold for a while.
  4. gren... O' gren.... POTM has become so.... vaccant. So neglected.
  5. Hmmm....I guess I would prefer it be in the regular poetry forum, just makes it easier. But feel free to reference the POTM theme.
  6. Hello gren. Since there is no way to comment in the POMT themes... I figured here would be just as good a place as any. I am excited about this months theme. It challenges more than ones ability to write. But, it also challenges ones ability to honestly push themselves out of their comfort zone. Should be interesting to see what people stretch themselves toward.

    I was wondering, can I post a poem in POMT section (pertaining to the theme of course), with the undertanding that it is exempt? Or should I just post it in the poetry forum?
  7. I certainly appreciate the thanks, but in a way I feel I'm only doing my thanks necessary.'s for the great writers like you and others on this site that I feel compelled to keep the poetry section at its best...I know how angry I'd be to see someone blatantly stealing my work, I don't want to see it happen to others.
  8. Well, seems you have been cleaning house lately! I just wanted to say thank you. To you, and any other mods who catch the plagiarized threads. I can assume it's safe for me to speak for everyone else, who actually put in effort to create their OWN poetry as well. As much as even -I- am guilty of griping about mods (on occasion). You all deserve to be told "thank you" from time to time.
  9. lol, I try. Although I don't keep up with the section as much as I should. And I loathe plagiarism.
  10. You're like the protector of the poetic universe.... (At least on AO). If I were you, I'd totaly wear a cape when no one else is looking...
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