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  1. hey dude i am in a miltary base i don't think you can see me unless you are in the base.
  2. I don't mind if you find a way to Japan, cus sorry dude but the chopper left a few post ago.
  3. you don't mind if i join you on the infestation do you?
  4. sure we could do that im sleepy usually im not really sleepy but man.
  5. Hey dude wondering if i can use a force power in your story that isn't common. I read about it once in one of the books that said this sith could make blue flames using the force. Message me if i can and it is kul if not
  6. sure you could be one and help me destroy the galaxy.
  7. hey grimm haven't talked to you in a while, by the way mind if i am a sith lord in your star wars rpg
  8. lol there were other soldires with me it was in phoenixsara's first post.
  9. go with the rest of the soldiers ok im confused now
  10. hey Jagger cheif approved your zatch bell rpg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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