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  1. ok i finished my character i just edited it so i wouldn't post it again.
  2. I see tokini been giving you presents too lol

    Mars City 2 is up in Idea forums if your still interested in another?
  3. To be honest with you, I really did came up with that name from those shows, now you can call me a ass or anything else, but never a liar, I've been on here longer than you have, so try not to make a drama scene or anything (um, no offense)

    but one thing you got to remember is respect, right now you are making accusations that I had never seen or did before. so right now, your losing respect from me.
  4. no you didnt you liar you copied one of my characters
  5. NVM, anyways do ya want to join Mars City? its in the RPG Idea section, it ain't hard to miss. oh and where I got Yoshi Kagato?? Well uh, I watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3, and Kagato I got from some anime show, I don't know which though. I have to watch whatever comes on tonight. lol.
  6. so what does that mean i don't get what your saying
  7. oh now I understand, well thats your problem, lol, just kidding it may be all of our problem.
  8. were did you get yoshi kagato from i thought i made a character with that name
  9. yea thats what she looks like except i look like her except without boobs and my skin doesnt show
  10. So the woman is like the image on your character post? but...without the boobs or uh with boobs? O_o??? LMAO.
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