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  1. Hey Grimm!!!! XD Do you like my post in Inuyasha or do I have to change anything I already got planned???
  2. Hey Grimm. Working on the new Inyuasha RP??? I wouldn't mind joining it again. Sorry fr not being active on the first one.

    Hey check out this social group.
    If you're serious about Rping or whatever then give it a chance
  3. Hmmm... so there are none left?? Maybe a secret one, for me!!! XD
  4. hazumi has one and jonim has the rest
    i have the crystals.
  5. How many jewels are left?? ^^
  6. well me and tokini are about to take a break and everything and go to a city and everyone else i don't know but i mean you could just come through the woods and just be a coincidence.( :
  7. Maybe you should. Would make things easier for me. I'm not even sure what to post or what's even going on....*sigh**gumbles*
  8. well thanks and im glad your coming back i just wanted to re-open another and everyone is like 4 or 5 years older so i everyone else that just joined will join and know about it but thanks again.
  9. Hey hey!! XD My character mught make a reappearance in the RP Inuyahsa. Maybe...still have to check a few things. Thank tokini because she made me interested in it again....
  10. Yeah me too. I want to at least get halfway through the story.....
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