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  1. lolz that kinda sounds like the original Inuyasha....

    Ok how about this. My person is still fuming from everyone she knew and loved being destroyed (from my bio) and well she really doesn't like demons (get where I am going??)
    but your character kinda changes her mind. Also do you have a big demon form like your dad(I don't know how to spell his name.....T.T)
  2. oh my bad we need 1 more person i forgot about the other person

    yea it does sound kinda cheesy we should make it like your some teenage girl and something makes you mad and you run away in the woods and you get tired from the running and you lay back on a large tree and you go right through it as if it was a portal than that's when you meet me on the other side not unless we meet when you get attacked by a worm demon

    what do you think
  3. Ahhh!!!! Two more people huh??? lolz

    Hmmm... about how it starts...idk. Sounds kinda a cheesey to me, but we can if you want.
  4. well since your a human i was going to make were you went through the woods and you fell against a tree and you had fell into my time and that is when i meet you when im sitting on a tree eating a apple and than we meet and all that stuff.and i only have 8 people now.
  5. Well how do you plan to start it? I saw at the end of your bio that you put that you met my character. Also how many people do you have now???
  6. ok,so what do you want to talk about i can probably answer it ?
  7. lolz sounds fun. I've just been here. Kinda bored....... So want to talk about the RP??? I kinda do.
  8. yea i went to gamestop bought spider-man 3 and than i went to the mall bought a jacket and that was pretty much it.
  9. Hey what's up?? Did ya have fun while you were gone????
  10. im gonna get off and find something to do im bored ill get on like at 8:00 well its 5:04 now so ill be back on ceya
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