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  1. Hmmm....Oh just like your story. I wish it would start soon. I really want to play.
  2. i have seven people who are joining right now including myself i just need three more people and that's it i hope it finishes today.
  3. Ah no I wish I had it. I want to play it really bad!!!! ^^ So how many people do you have in the RPG?? Shouldn't you be able to start soon??
  4. do you have halo3 that gets pretty addictive i play online all the time
  5. mmm...I have a PS2, X-box 360, A DS, and I think that is it....
  6. what kinda game systems do you have?????????.........
  7. ok i might either get eragon or spider-man 3 i think eragon costs 20 dollars but i gotta find spider-man again.
  8. Oh that is hard. Believe me. But then again it is not. I find some pretty good games less than 20 dollars
  9. you welcome and its no problem i might buy a game today but im trying to find a good one under 20 dollars
  10. Thanks oh did I not put that. She is human. Sorry. ^^
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