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  1. sure you can change it oh are you a human or a demon
  2. ^^ you're welcome. I'm glad I joined. It should be interesting. Anyway, can I change my age real quick???
  3. well i really think it will go great but the thing is not many people join my rp ideas but if everyone joins i think it would be one of my best ones i made 3 i made the inuyasha,transformers, and some other one i can't remember. that is why im so glad you and others joined just to show that you guys like the idea of it.
  4. so how do you think your RPG will go??? Do you have anything planned???
  5. lolz oh really. Hmmm... how to solve boredom? Sorry i got nothing right now. I'm just on AO listening to music and on other websites...
  6. lolz are you now??? Well then do something. Why are you bored??
  7. Yeah i notice but see what i put ^^ But its hard to write with both of you like that....
  8. Oh its ok. That just who my favorite character is. I see you are a newbie. lolz sorry its I just now notice that.
  9. Oh thanks ^^ I really suck at spelling long words. No silly i mean from Bleach. There is someone on there named Momo.
  10. lolz mine would have to be Momo. She is so cute but I don't like it when she got malnipulated(?? Is that how u spell it)
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