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  1. nope ^ ^ i don't know why but im still waiting for something.
  2. Hey has Manga been on in awhile?? ^^
  3. Grimm please read the rulez in the Naruto RP. We don't have sannin unlocked so you can't be one. Also we don't accept one sentence replies. Just thought I let you know.....
  4. Sorry, I've been so busy with all of the other ones, it's hard to keep up. I haven't even made a character for it yet......
  5. rp don't forget to put your character in the character sheet.
  6. yea i understand most of the time ill write alot but for some strange reason i don't know what to say.
  7. Dang Grimm......write the shortest post!! -.- (On Paper Wings) I mean its one sentence. I don't think this will be like other Rps(at least that's what zyat keep telling me) so could you at least try to write more. and I'm not trying to be mean......
  8. lolz That's what i was going to ask you XD PM me and we can go over the details ^__^
  9. you could be my partner for zatch bell if you want.
  10. ^_^maybe and yea im good this time most of the rp's i join im kinda evil.
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