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  1. Whheeeeeee!!!!! Nyahhh!!! Yopu joined Paper Wings!! XD Are you a good guy? Are you going to protecter my character?(Who is the pure maiden)
  2. Hmmmmm......IDK either .
  3. ok im gonna make a bleach rp but i don't know how to make the story and what the name is gonna be.
  4. I know what you mean!!! Its so awesome!! i love it!! I have a good and evil character!! Cool beans!! ^__^
  5. for some reason demon lands is so addictive to me now.
  6. lolz ou weirdo!!! Nyahh!!! JK, okay soon I will post that but not now. Having fun on the Demon Lands Rp!!! ^__^
  7. since i can regenerate hehehehehe...................
  8. you should enter the arena that we are in than you take a seat and stuff and you see me and hector out on the arena floor but he looks alot more damaged and bloody but me im clean but some parts of my clothes are kinda torn up and ripped.
  9. Oh you know what I am talking about!! You liar!!!! RAWR!!! ^__^ Well it doesn't matter. So do you think Kisa should come along????
  10. i dont know what you talkin bout lol im so ebil............
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