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  1. Really??? lolz well I still want to play. I don't think manga is going to get on for a while so I might just leave. ALSO!!! You kissed someone didn't you!!!!!!! You flirt!!! You're so ebil!!!!! lolz XD Anyway Kisa might just follow you guys. Oh did you know she lost her voice???
  2. oh me and jonim went away from you guys because i didn't wanna hurt no body than we signed up to a arena match and we might go to the championships but i have to win.
  3. Ahhh!!! No drinking in front of a minor!!! You're so ebil!!!!!! XD lolz so wtf is going on in The Inuyasha RP???


    i gotta stop drinking

  5. lol Yeah.... I haven't done one in a while so I am nervous........
  6. oh i was gonna do the drawing contest thing but i changed my mind since we can't scan pics
  7. lolz Yeah it means I'm getting off.....I have to finish re-making my sig for SOTW
  8. what do you have to do before you go to bed.does that mean your mean your getting off.
  9. Man I am really tired.........But I have to do something before I go to bed...
  10. and he can take me to basketball camps in the summer and stuff.
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