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  1. yea me too but than i hate to go back because everyone just talks about me calling me short and saying im weak and i wanna stay with my dad not just to stay away from the kids at my school but also because i want to become a college basketball player for the carolina tar heels.
  2. Yeah I understnad me too....maybe. idk. Kinda boring.....I kinda(KINDA) miss school.....^^"
  3. i really don't know i guess hang out with my famil and stuff.
  4. lolz ^__^ So what do you plan to do for New Years????
  5. yea and happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. lolz Thanks. U too(although it kinda past it....) Also a Happy New Year!!!!!!

  7. merry christmas.
  8. i wasn't really like evil or nothing it was just my demon coming out.
  9. Whoa so u turned evil cause she gave you a wedgie?? lolz dang we were worrying me!!! I thought it was something serious!!!^^"
  10. well it started when jonim gave me a wedgie than she laughed at me and stuff than i felt evil.
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