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  1. Well Hazumi transports me too where u guys are ^^ So yeah. I'm not so sure what is going on......Besides that you start attacking people......May I ask??? Why did attack Hazumi??
  2. yea you were the only one fighting tatara or whatever his name is and taurus demon and others that were with him don't ever meet with us
  3. *sighs* Yeah......It was getting to be such a good it seems kinda...lacking......idk that sometimes happen to RPs.....Maybe we could somehow revive it or something....
  4. yea i think it's mostly taurus demon killing and stuff.............
  5. lolz Like alot!!! Well me and mangalover tried to save you (cause we thought your jewel shard needs to be purified) I'm not sure what is really going on right now, since people post some very boring post(I see what zyat meant) I mean have you notice that some of the post are like 2-3 sentences long???
  6. sorry im at my dads house and i havent got the chance to get on.what rp inuyasha.
  7. Hey Grimmjow!! Where have u been??? So what is going to happen in the RP??????
  8. Ahhhh!!!!! You killed Hazumi-chan!!!!! (Well maybe maybe not....-.-)

    lolz So what is going on? Turning into a bad guy or being taken over??
  9. I thought I let you know the page you are looking for is 16...

    well is a link --->
  10. What are talking about??? More lovable and caring??? Well whatever. It doesn't matter to me. Its hard to keep up when people go crazy and post alot........
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