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  1. look im sorry to put it that way it was just like the one he is being more nice and lovable to me would actually be with him.
  2. You're so mean!!!! The only reason I haven't been useful is because I haven't been on in 2 days and u decided to go crazy with the post thing. God, I was gone for 2 days and I had to read about 9 pages -.- not very fun, so sorry if I wasn't useful for you.....
  3. you wanna finish rping in inuyasha with me i have nothing else to do.
  4. lolz don't worry about. U just want to the story to get going huh?? Make sure you check your OOC and Character thread so u can approve ppl!! ^^
  5. sorry if im typing to little or typing too fast im kinda hyper i can't help it in plus i paid attention too hard in computer class.
  6. I'll be first!!!!!!!!! (I'm way too hyper!!) ^^" But yeah I'll post soon......
  7. my bad sorry if i didn't approve your character i wasn't paying attention to what i was doing.
  8. you really the picture i made is it really that good i might become a artist when i grow up im still thinking about it and i can't wait till everyone else starts posting.
  9. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! OMG!!!! lolz I do I really love it!! Also I knew it would be approved soon since I saw Chief on earlier.....
  10. it is finaly approved yay apppppppppppppprrrrrrrroooooooovvvvvveeeeedddddddd d and check out my album to see the picture it doesnt look that good on the computer but if you focus on it it looks pretty cool.
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