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  1. Yeah, I can udestand that. I did that once on a rp here but I made mine into a story (since I am such a talented wrtie lolz jk)
  2. it is so cooool i want you to see it so bad the picture is pretty good but what i was going to do was use the rp and imagine it in the manga
  3. yea i am actually maybe ill ask someone how to scan pictures i have a lexmark printer but the only thing i can do is print.
  4. Ahhh!!! Ireally want to see it now!!!!! Geez....>.< I can just imagine it..... ^__^ I wish I could see. You must be a really good drawer
  5. i would but i don't know how to scan pictures and well it shows me sitting at the bottom of the tree than i see you walking in a distance my way than i say "i wonder who that is"in my head than i drew a picture of what you look like. and trust me if i could show you it you could see how well i can draw.
  6. Really. How does it start??? What happens. I want to see it!!!!!! ^^
  7. just to let you know right now im making a little manga of the rp since im waiting for the approval of chiefblackhammer
  8. Hey!!! U got enough people now!!!!!!! Hah!! WEEEEE!!!!!!!!! (sorry I'm just really hyper!!!)
  9. hmmmm..... lets talk abot CHEESE!!!!!!!!!! XD sorry lolz I'm a little hyper and kinda crazy. I'll talk about whatever you want to talk about ^^
  10. what else should we talk about,the rp is that all you wanted to talk about.
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