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  1. oh well thnx anyway at least you told me or else id be trying to hard
  2. I used photoshop CS3. It could be that the programme your using doesn't let you put text on your image, just modifies the image a little.
  3. adobe photoshop album starter edition 3.2 is that the right one
  4. which version of Adobe are you using???
  5. ok now im confused a the part with the prefrences do we use adobe photoshop album starter
  6. Signature Text Tutorial < might help a little.

    You can really use any font you like. I prefer clear readable fonts but its up to you.
  7. the first part im very confused what do we use for that
  8. ok how far have you got???
  9. hey sazzy can you tell me the steps on how to put my name on a picture because im kinda confused now
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