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  1. rp don't forget to put your character in the character sheet.
  2. this old dude had fought in the Vietnamese war in korea and he had korean neighbors wich he called swamp rats.well the neighbors teenagers had cousins who were like a gang and told one of the teens to steel the gran torino wich everyone wanted and the boy got caught ...ill explain later
  3. what is that movie about anyway because i know im not gonna watch it???????????????0_o
  4. you serious that movie is awesome!!! is sad,happy,funny!and guns and an awesome car that movie is awsome!!
  5. nope i haven't seen that movie the previews don't look that good.
  6. have ya seen the gran torino yet???
  7. lol!! XD
  8. oh sorry.maybe there some kinda sickness going around cause my mom got over bronchitis awhile ago. i still thonk the pickture i drew of sesshomaru doin a fake smile and pointing across from him is my spelling is horrible! !!!!!
  9. oh sorry it's just i don't know im not feeling as well as i use to.
  10. how you been??? ya havent said hi or yo in a while!
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