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  1. how you doing???
  2. you had to kill her??? geez you kill me i will wake and your character is mince meat!
  3. you got an atomic wedgie!!!!
  4. your online again!
  5. i was born in hanford live there for a while moved, moved again,then again then my mom got a boyfriend we move to florida,she got married with him then got devorced now she has a 20 year old boyfriend and i think hes boring
  6. i live in clayton grew up in mt.olive i know it's a weird name and that the company were they make pickeles
  7. i live in Clearwater,Florida always sunny but when it rains it pours those are my favorite day no sun by myself wathing it pour
  8. what state do you live in i live in North Carolina.
  9. im going to California for winter break i get to visit los angeles
  10. yea im suppose to go today to spend some christmas time with him that is like the only time i spend with him and most of the weekends and summer.
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