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  1. thats cool i saw my dad last night ! my sister, me ,and my dad went to see yes man
  2. nothin much just chillen waiting for my clothes to wash and dry so i can get ready to go to my dads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(^_-)
  3. hi whats up?!!!
  4. i have my cat has orange or yellow eyes they change into one of those colors
  5. lol that is funny ive never seen a cat with orange eyes just black,green,or blue but orange i never knew
  6. i found a stray black cat with orange eyes and my mom said that it could be my outside only pet!
  7. what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. whats up!!!!!the awsomeest thing happend last night and this morning
  9. nice but now my mom wont buy duck tape.
  10. lol that is hilarious i might do that to my little sister since she get's on my nerves all the time.
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