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  1. making a comback with some rp's im thinking about making.
  2. ??? thats good. im good i just hate doing dishes!!! especially when theve been in the sink for maybe about a week and make you want barf just from the smell but other than that good.what have you been up to lately???
  3. Good and how are you doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. hello!!!!! how are you???
  5. cools! im talking to my big sister on the phone and rpging! multitasking!!!
  6. cut some grass on some commercial land my dad owns now ( :
  7. guess what!!!i gave my cat a bath and i helped replace a radiator today! what did you do?
  8. well thats good.
  9. oh good and it's okay because that usally happens new people join and somehow we end up being friends.
  10. im sure you met chii quansan already! dont mind how hyper shes gonna be shes one of my friends over here in florida. anyway how are you???
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