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  1. glad you liked it! you should see the i love dogs one its about as funny here!
  2. that was pretty funny
  3. this is a roy mustang funny from full metal alchemist!!!enjoy!
  4. it is its halarious!!!my dad and i went to see it today! the trailer i put with my last message wasnt as funny as the actual movie you should go see it if you can
  5. good but yea its getting really good and i want to c it it looks really funny
  6. how are you??? the RPG is getting fun isnt it. have you seen the movie the year one???
  7. PLEASE!super - mega post (post lots!!!)in our inuyasha RPG!because its no fun racing to get a jewel shard with one person plus the more people the better! thank you for your space!
  8. hey, hove ya been??? the new place how is it???
  9. yo!yo!
  10. yeah.i hate getting up at 6 am every morning!now a days i can barley get out of my bed.i would go back to sleep if i could.
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