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  1. yep except my sisters and i want have to worry about going to sleep to wake up early in the freaking morning just to get to school on time.
  2. cool!i get to spend a whole 4days with out my brothers to bother me!wich is good because i get to stay up till 2:30 saturday!what abou you?
  3. you too they were suppose to call me to see if i failed or not but i guessed i passed man im so happy i wonder if i did ill see tomorrow and im gonna ask my teachers.
  4. we have a test like that.its called the FCAT....and we also have to take PCAS...long and make you tired .but im already done with my tests! hope you did good!
  5. a test i have to take at the end of the school year to see if i can go to the next grade or not.
  6. im good !althogh i have a cold.i just sang in a concert.i think i did ok but im not sure...and whats eog??
  7. hey how you doin tokini im doing alright even though im kinda anxious on what my eog scores were.
  8. hey wassup?im not gonna be on long but just wanted to say hi!
  9. im ok i just sick of my mothers boyfriend....i really just want to kick him out but thats not going to do me any would just get in the way if i tried
  10. im alright, i just moved into alot bigger house im kinda tired but im okay and you?
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