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  1. of course bro family n friends are the only thing that keep me from being..yea nvm about that but for sure i will i keep them close to me n cherish every moment with them i hope u do the same bro well take care man nice hearing from u be safe bro
  2. and i'll see u around as well, take care of yourselv and your family and friends. remember, keep them close.
  3. thanks bro much apprecaited i did n i hope urs was good as well n happy new years to u too bro hope ur having a blast this year bro.. im srry i havent been around lately ive been on another site but ill try n come by ao more often well bro do take care n be safe ill see u around k bro laterz
  4. same here you be careful now ya hear? oh and also a happy 2010
  5. hey bro guess what.....really guess what...Merry Christmas bro...hope u had a great one..take care bro n be safe k laterz
  6. well glad to hear ur doing good bro... n thats sweet about the new group also i didnt know i havent been to ao for a while excpet now i just got to ao for about threee or four days n u bro how has u week been anything new lately? well bro do take care ill see you around laterz
  7. it's been all good i created another group called the blood dragons as you may know it's another vampire group
  8. yo it has been srry about how hav u been? hows life treating u?
  9. yo cresent how ya been? i havent heard from u in a while. btw i have a new group called the bllod dragons, come check it out
  10. yo hows it going? i thought id drop in and say hi and see what you were doing?
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