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  1. ty n tell her to text me soon my unlimited expires on the 24 which is just a couple days *sighs*
  2. ok... i see her in my break so i'll give it to her then
  3. well give her my number wen u get the chance if i dotn have it in my phone, 870-321-3036
  4. she says yeah. yeah she does............................
  5. well ask if she knows a zero-kun akashiya on fb cause that is me, if she doesnt well wont hurt to mingle
  6. she says have you got the right mizore cuz she says she doesnt have your number
    and thats good to hear
  7. tell her i said hi back n to text me sumtime n im doing alright
  8. ah! then she says hi!!!!!!!
    how are you? im mi-chan's best friend Daisuke (used to be haruhi)
  9. pretty much wen u look at it its the same me alright^^
  10. Mizore from facebook saw you rosavamp thing. she asks if your the zero that she talks to
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