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  1. well as far as cartoon netwrok can put up around 200, but there is supposed to be at least 500 episodes still in japan waiting to be englishfied
  2. How many ep are there in bleach :/ ?
  3. I' haven't had a chance to watch them :/ .
  4. *shrugs* i don't read the book, just watch the shows, cause the shows r better than the books in some ways
  5. how about the book *sits back* I havn't watched the show in awhile In the book i'm all chaught up but in the show i'm as far back as to where rukia was taken back to the Soul S
  6. *huh? the manga or the show? in the show i got as far as to where the soul reaper captians comes and saves ichigo, chad, rukia and nel from the powerful aspadas, thats it, going to watch the next episode saturday on adult swim *laughs* its AWSOME!
  7. *sits on bed* man you a head ace ya know that * picks up a book* how far have you gotin in bleach
  8. dude i was jk i was jk *has that embarassment face* just calm down
  9. *teary eyed angry face* AH SHUT UP!! YA BIRDBRAIN!!!!
  10. *swetdrop* jeeze how could u love urself after something like that?
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