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  1. hey it wasn't me who started it, but i did take part in the destruction, thats was a my bad on my part
  2. your guyss fight detryed samtha's school now she'll have to rebould it thinks alot
  3. i knew it was only a matter of time before they found out about the thread, now they closed it.....forever!
  4. but i did post, did it not go through at all? well if it has then i just wait to see the responce so HURRY THE F*CK UP ALREADY!
  5. hay men u have not posted in awill but thats ok must ppl dont like my rpg
  6. i perfer to post, like i always do, have been doing that for a long time now
  7. hay dude u have not posted yet i just did but u dont have to post
  8. acting like a girl? okay i'll be sure not to hit on u, lol but please, for the sake of my being, don't try to do anything sexual on me, i don't have anything aginst gays or fags, not calling u on tho, but still....get my point?
  9. dude i'm dude in real life but on the rpg i'm samtah gani the onwer of lovewars high
  10. just tell me what its about first and then i will tell u how i like it
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