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  1. if u awnser zenobia corectly you get to eat if you dont tuff luck.
  2. lol okey dude .
  3. no problem, and be sure u tell lightboy as well, don't want "her" to forget
  4. okey now i knnow thanks !
  5. na no matter what i always play me, a guy, never a girl. not like that
  6. on lovewars i thought u where one cause of lightingboy. sorry. but in real life i knew u where a boy.
  7. what made u think i was a girl in the first place?
  8. im sorry i thought you where a girl. thanks fo clarafying!
  9. no he told me and idk really .
  10. do i need to ask how? *sweatdrop* i mean, why does he act like a girl anyways?
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