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  1. thats cool your almost out of school ,you have plans yet? you know like a job you want to get or anything?
  2. yah
    i'm fine at the moment
    i have only 2 month left for the final exam
    so i don't open my computer very often
  3. lol my name is chris and it has been a while since i heard from you good to see your doing good now though
  4. well
    i'm doing a lot better now
    so what's wrong with your middle name again
    i mean what's your real name anyway ?
  5. i hope your doing better now from the last message you left i am jsut now getting back on AO i have been busy as of late. and trouble is my middle name,
    if anything goes wrong all fingers point to me so its instantly my fault lol. i am glad to hear from you though
  6. hi there
    how are you ?
    long time no talk
    what have you been doing ?
    sorry for disappearing i got into more trouble then you can imagine
    for the half time and the other half was trying to get myself out of it
  7. yeah it is so far im glad you showed this to me i will watch more later
  8. yep
    i know this website it's very good one
  9. yeah its called the anime network on my cable channel and they show lots of things but not that yet i wish they would though
  10. yeah you are right in that
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