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  1. i did and i saved it to my book marks as well its something they dont show on the anime channel i get yet
  2. well have a nice time watching it
  3. cool and i like them all so far i will be watching the next episode tomorrow when it comes on for me.
  4. thanks a lot it's a good one
    i'm in episode 3
  5. JustDubs - Watch Pet Shop of Horrors: Episode 1 English Dubbed! here is the first epsidoe to watch if you like it you might like the others
  6. why not i should give it a try and watch it
    could you please send to me the link <3
  7. i watch stuff anime like pet shop horrors i just found out about it and i like it very much you might like it too i think i have only seen 3 episodes but they were very cool
  8. that's too bad
    i really wanted to know why ?
    anyway this anime is so exciting
    thanks for let me know about this amazing anime
    but what kind of anime do you watch ?
  9. yeah im on hell girl 2 now and the first 2 episodes are really good and i forget why it was destroyed but from what i remember it had to do with her not liking how people who wanted vengeance went to hell as well i think but i cant remember.
  10. hi
    long time no talk !
    have you finished watching Hell Girl Season 1
    if you had
    i want to ask you something
    why in the end did Ai destroyed the temple ??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i really want to know why
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