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  1. your welcome im glad you like and tlak to you later as well
  2. talk to you later then
    and by the way the hell girl is really awesome
  3. ok talk to you later have a good day i am off for a bit
  4. well i'm watching episode 1
    so far so good
    talk you later then
  5. your welcome and i love that site and the hell girl theme song is really cool
  6. WoOoW
    that is awesome
    i was watching them at Anime Episode - Watch Free Anime Sub Online in
    but this one is great
  7. i watch them here Watch Hell Girl Online | English Dubbed-Subbed Episodes and there pretty good and they have it on net flix as well
  8. then i should take a look at it
    on what site do you watch it ?
  9. not yet i haven't i have been watching the series called hell girl its really an awesome anime
  10. yub
    that will be awesome
    but the only thing that i found was OVA 1 have you seen it ?
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