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  1. Hi there! how are you? you Know i was really busy with my project ... so tell me what is going on?
  2. yes i understand thanks a lot and we are friends now! so how was the X-mas? and Happy New Year!
  3. lolz I sent you a friend invite!!! If you want to be friends withsome one go to their friend thingie and befriend them!!!! Easy right??????
  4. Hi! I am Fine! Thanks for the welcome; Sure i will glad to have you as My first friend(if you want) so do you know how to add friend in the list?
  5. Nyaahhh!!! ^__^ How are you??? I'd like to welcome you to AO!!! I hope you don't think of me as weird....^^" If you need help or need a friend, message me or send me a pm. Whatever XD
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