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  1. Well at 100 post you become an Otaku and you getting there.
  2. Be on the website for 30 days or more and have 100 post or more

    I already have the 100 post, I just need the 30 days.
  4. Pictures will get shrunk cause the sig cant be to big other wise it will take up to much room. I customized my pic, notice the "True love" "Does Exist" then it says "Stormwolf" in the lower left corner . It wasn't that small or that wide. I customized it so you could see it and I could put writing on it without ruining the pic.
  5. (random dance) rotfl thanx! though I wish the pic would look bigger though. it's one of my favorites.
  6. Nice sig lol

    PARTAY TIME!!!!!!! WEWT!
  7. ok... i'll try it as soon as i post now. thanks for your help!
  8. Try this

    Your Control Panel->Edit Signature->Retype it->Re-upload your pic->add [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] where ever you want the picture->Then scroll down and hit save Signature
  9. No I can't see you signature. Is it just a picture sig or do you have writing too? Cause if it is a picture sig you have use the insert command in the TXT box so the picture shows up. [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]
  10. yeah it's awesome. Btw can you see my signature? I don't know if i did it right.
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