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  1. Like my new signature by the way? I put it together myself
  2. or less. It's very frustrating because you want to write something short but they say "it's too short. Make it longer" (-_-''') It's irritating.
  3. I know, I hate the darn 50 character thingy. They need to make it alot smaller like 20-30.
  4. you're welcome ^-^................................................. ...... sorry for the periods but this wouldn't let me post the message for its length lol XP
  5. Thank you for changing it.
  6. Hey. Can you edit your character in The Demon Lands Character Thread, A:You picked 2 specialties. B: Swordsman is Human only. You can be a mage and use a sword, I don't care, but you can only be 1 thing and it has to go with your race.
  7. Merry Christmas!!!!And a happy new year too!!!^-^ XD
  8. Have a very merry christmas

  9. Please move your character to "The Demon Lands Character Thread" so it is in there cause we got approved.
  10. Hey, can ya check out my story "Kalderim, the Magic of Friendship" in the Fanfics section under Mixed Flava. Ive got the Quick review, Prolouge, and Chapters 1-3 so far. Tell me if you like it
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