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  1. go to to join. if you get an account, look for me. my username is SangoChan426.
  2. wow, that does sound pretty getting off now so the phone lines arent tied up all day but where do u go to join.if my computer allows it,i might consider joining.
  3. lol it's ok. most of the ppl i' ve talked to don't know what a gaia is. well, it's basically an RPGing website where you can dress an avatar anything you want and talk with other ppl. it's really cool
  4. ok......i know im gonna sound stupid and probably smack myself bc i might know the answer but........wuts a gaia?
  5. i usedto have it sucked. nm i'm working on my gaia
  6. inuyasha huh?eh,ill stick with naruto for now.i WISH i could watch my shows online but i have slow-ass wut r u up to?
  7. that sucks.i'd rather watch tem during the day on the web.i'm in the demon lands and inuyasha. but ppl are mostly posting in inuyasha.
  8. ya,my friends werent too happy about the new adult swim line up either.all the anime is on at 1 in the freakin morning!not a problem if i drink about 5 sodas to keep me up all night.*sigh* so,ur into rpg's too huh?im in 2 but one is on hold.which one r u in?
  9. yup. man that sucks. i was wondering if they'd give naruto. they've only put the movies. and adult swim's not any better either. they took off my daily dose of inuyasha!!!!*pouts*
  10. guessing u saw my post huh?ya,they did,in america at least.not many people started watching it much anymore so they kikd it off.only set back is that idk where naruto went.shippuden should b on tv soon but i have no idea where naruto evn is
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