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  1. You can always hope that he might be interested in you.
  2. yeah. I hope so. ^ ^ I kinda have someone in mind but... I'm not sure it's going to happen. and if it doesn't well, I'll just have to move on. it's all I can do.
  3. He probably was a good guy but you will find someone else or maybe he will find you.
  4. no you dont have to say that bout him. ^ ^ he's a good guy. thank you though. I see where you're comming from. there's always a certain time for everything... now just wans't that time.
  5. Ooooh cake sounds so good, and to bad about your boyfriend but now I am going to act
    like a weird friend and say he isn't good enough for you to try to make you feel better
    even though I don't know anything about him. And I am doing okay.
  6. lol well, it's the thought that counts right? lol. thank you so much. I had an alright birthday. got cake smashed in my face. lol. all in good fun though. I'm doing alright. I just broke up with my boyfriend so I'm just a little heart broken. how are you?
  7. Happy Birthday or more like Happy Late Birthday any how was your birthday and how
    are you?
  8. aw... that sucks. well, maybe you can go soon. ^ ^ wow! a homeschooler! I'm no longer alone on this! lol
  9. We ended up not going at all, and I'm homeschooled too.
  10. ^ ^ I'm doing well. just busy learning alot. I'm homeschooled so I can pick my scedual. since I love being outside, I wanted my "summer break" in Fall. that way, I can enjoy being outside more. I hate summer. ^ ^ so how are you? and what movie did you end up seeing?
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