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  1. oh i think i already have one i will see when i get home k ^^ but i'm signed on this forum and another lol but i like this one ^^
  2. hi do u think this is a great place to hang on. well think again. I don't like this place at all so I have an other forum for you that has much more users and much more online users then this one and its has great stuff. Do check this hope you will like it if you can visit it as a guest and if you like i am sure you will then you can register there here is my user name for that forum (shaikh)
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    great place for making new friends
  3. Thanks for your time. I have made my first big post I hope you will like it. Please give it a visit.

    oops i made a mistake sorry for that Next trust me I'll do it for good.
  4. 0.0 wow omg really?!?!?!?! lol thats pretty funny XD well how are you today?.? ^_^
  5. hi jenny i just got here and first thing i get is your message don't know what to say ! ! ! ! !
  6. hellooooo hasan i'm jenny^^ how are you today? ^^ wanna be friends?
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