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  1. u haven't seen it?? sincerely telling you to watch it !! its soo cool and funny..many people love it...sepcially ME!!! u gotta see it..for sure,u'll love it..I SWEAR...its about a class which is very special..this class is called SPECIAL A..this class is compsed of 7 top students who are very close..u'll understand it more...don't be disappointed on the 1st episode..I SWEAr u'll like it too..its d' BEST...gud day!!
  2. Special A? Haven't seen it. What is it about?
  3. hey!! im new here...its obvious that ur populer here huh?!..hihi.. can we be friends? im AYA ..and i love SPECIAL A 'bout u? have u seen it already?? pls. reply to me ...gud day!!
    just post ur answer to my visitor's messages...keep safe..
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