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  1. Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Karatsu, Aso, Hiroshima, Beppu, Imari, Himeji, Kurashiki, Matsuyama, Nara and Itsukushima island.
  2. What places did you visit when you went to japan those two times???
  3. I'd have to think about that one for a while. So many choices.
  4. Thank you but what is your favorite asian sport, please share.
  5. I just saw it by chance while I was roaming around those hills. As you can see it stands out so when you look in its general direction it's hard to miss it.

    E.g. This thing was much harder to spot because it didn't rise up above the trees.

  6. I did not get to see those. I was there for only a little while. It rocked though and those statues look beautiful. Wish I could have seen them. Where did you find out about those statues.
  7. Indeed I am talking about the Dōgo onsen. Matsuyama is a beautiful town. Did you see that giant golden statue on the hills there? I actually got lost in those hills around the town. But eventually I made my way back down and had a wonderful time at the onsen.

    The statue:

    Dōgo onsen:
  8. Do you mean dogo spa by any chance. I bicycled there from a train station. I crossed over several bridges stopped at a temple that had a cave and arrived just in time for a festival i didn't even know they had. In my three years it stands out as one of my fondest memories.
  9. I went to see the famous "Jigoku" or hells they have there but I didn't go to an onsen.
    I visited the famous imperial onsen in Matsuyama though. But that's on Shikoku.
  10. That is so cool. When you where in beppu did you stop by termas spa or the old bath house for a hot sand bath.
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