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  1. It's all an elaborate internet illusion. I don't have any friends in real life.
  2. Well no one is liked by everyone. I wouldn't want to be. But I'm sure there's at least a select few who find your company preferable. Or maybe your easy goingness is just an elaborate internet illusion (and in real life you're just intolerable?)... o.O
  3. Heh, I wouldn't be too sure of that if I were you...
  4. You seem so chill on the forums. I dig that... I bet you're a pleasure to know in person.
  5. If you see rules being broken, you can report it.
  6. Oh, sorry! I thought about it, but when you go to report something, It says it has to be a threat or harrassment or something serious like that. I will remember that next time though
  7. You can use the report button for things like that Peach_follows...
  8. Heads up. "Your most hated food!" thread... is a zombie
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