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  1. I see you still have not changed that nail going through a fingernail picture yet. It's so hard to type you a message!
  2. Let's just hope they've found a way to block them outright now.
  3. Well now you will have more help banning spam bots. lol That was a shocking change I wasn't expecting this to happen.
  4. Hah, can't deny that. I've just been banning all those spambots we had attacking us recently.
  5. Oh well I havn't seen you post in a while, stop being such a lurker.
  6. Nowhere really. Just stopping by semi-daily.
  7. Long time no see, where have you been?
  8. So I'm associated with weird pictures?
    Where have I been? Nowhere in particular I guess.
  9. You know I havn't seen any weird pictures lately, and then I noticed that I hadn't seen you around lately. Where have you been?
  10. You have to be stern in these matters. Especially with people who just can't seem to get a clue.
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