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  1. HELLO!!!! I am Lindsey Lohan!! lol i love jeff dunham
  2. I got no more ideas besides Phyrin. And i am from Wisconsin. What about you where are you from. I live in a small town called Burlington. Not a very fun place to be.
  3. any other ideas????????
    and btw where are u from???????
  4. nvm seem i cant watch that couse alot of episodes missing
  5. Kekkaishi??
    that was the only hit i got...................
  6. Ummmmm. Let me think Lets see how about Kekkeshi?? thats a good Anime.
  7. btw
    im looking for a new anime
    any suggestions???????
  8. roleplaying episode
    what does that mean???????????????????????????
  9. Yeah there are alot of episodes now but i still like them. Would you like to start a roleplaying episode here? Just a question.
  10. beta keys is something u use for early acces
    and i did like bleach and naruto before they got so many episodes that it wasnt worth it anymore
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