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  1. Yeah sure, I'll b ur friend. U're more than welcome ta chat wit me anytime.
  2. Hi my name is Maegan Spotted Elk,Im 18 and have 2 cats,I played the piano since I was 6 and started to play the guuitar when I was 9,I recently learned to play the drums since 2006 and so far Im doing pretty good.I dress in rock concert t-shirts and black in make-up,I daily paint my nails black sometimes Orange,Which is also my favorite color.I like fall time and Like to swim in the summer,Im allergis to viniger and broked over 7 bones in my body,One including my spine from a tampilion accident when I was 5,and now I have to go through daily shots and check ups for my spine so I dont go paralized.I smoke,and sometimes I drink only when its for special occassions.I love to draw,and won a couple awards ranking from 2nd to first place...I plan to become a tattoo artist some day,and well thats all I guess I can tell you. oh yea and do you want to become my friend In real life???? let me know ok.
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